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Skills & Drills Clinics


    The journey began when we discovered Megan at a High School tournament where she was...tall!  She officially started training Feb 2015 and has made steady headway ever since. One of the greatest benefits was not having to iron out bad habits. Add to this her excellent work ethic, coachability and her high IQ for the sport, and the result is Megan’s rapid shift through the gears. Whilst Megan is the recipient of the Scholarship, I extend (as will Megan) a big thank you to all of her team mates - especially Maria Flores who has made amazing progress herself in her role of setter and has made a special connection with Megan - and all the coaches for getting her there (UBUNTU!)  She is in great hands with Suzie Fritz (Kansas State Head Coach) and I am excited for the time I have remaining with Megan in the Lakeside gym, and the future development that awaits her at Kansas State.

    We would like to thank all of the NCAA D1 coaches that have flown in to visit this season thus far, and look forward to others scheduled to come and see other players on the squad.  We also would like to extend an invitation to all CIS coaches to attend a training session and see our players.  Please reach out to us at for more information.


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