Youth Volleyball for Halton and Surrounding Regions

March Madness Academy

   MARCH MADNESS Volleyball Academy 

JUST ADDED!  A 4-session crash course Academy program.

Unlike other beginner programs in the Halton Region, Lakeside will be offering kids ages 9 – 12 to enter a great learning environment which focuses on developing foundational volleyball skills that will help your child understand the game and start mastering the skills required for playing organized volleyball for their elementary volleyball teams, as well as preparations for play in the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA).

All sessions will be led by Bear Davies, FIVB Level II Certified International Coach and Lakeside Volleyball Club President.

Here is a breakdown of the March Sessions:

FOUR (4) 60-minute sessions, including skill development, drills, and learning the rules of volleyball.

Game play and/or scrimmaging will happen occasionally, however we will focus most of the time on mastering the basics of volleyball.  

Cost:  $100.00

Refund Policy

February 25, 2020
Hi Steve,
Thank you kindly for [inviting my daughter to the March Madness Academy].  (She) was just saying last night how she would love to sign back up again. Count her in. She enjoys working with the coaches and loves the sport. I’m so proud of her…as I didn’t know if she would take well to volleyball and I’m excited seeing how much she enjoys it.
Thank you kindly for all your coaching and support.  Being a part of Lakeside has made such a big difference in my daughter’s self-esteem. 
Kind regards,
S. Johnson, Oakville, ON

Academy – MARCH MADNESS Schedule

March 2nd6:00 pm – 7:00 pmSt. Mary CES
March 9th6:00 pm – 7:00 pmSt. Mary CES
March 23rd6:00 pm – 7:00 pmSt. Mary CES
March 30th6:00 pm – 7:00 pmSt. Mary CES