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23rd                       Hosting the U16 Girls (Inkemba) OVA Bugarski Cup at Garth Webb Secondary School.  Doors open at 8 am and runs through until about 5 pm.

30th – 31st            Hosting a U18 Girls (Aquila) OVA Bugarski Cup at Garth Webb Secondary School.  Two day event - Saturday (8am-5pm); Playoffs on Sunday (8am-4pm).


5th – 7th                Our 14U Upangas and Shujaas participate in the OVA Provincial Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, ON.

14th – 16th            Our U15 Sjamboks participate in the OVA Provincial Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, ON.

19th – 21st             Our U16 Inkembas and Isihlangus participate in the OVA Provincial Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, ON.

23rd                        LSVC Skills and Drills clinics begin for the U13/U14 age group.  Register Now!

24th                        LSVC Skills and Drills clinics begin for the U15/U16 age group.  Register Now!

26th – 28th            Our U18 Aquila participate in the OVA Provincial Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, ON.


11th – 14th            Our U18 Aquila participate in Volleyball Canada Nationals at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, ON

Coming Soon       LSVC Beach Volleyball Clinics – hosted at a local beach volleyball facility, Clinics are tentatively planned to run from Mid-May through the end of June.


Coming Soon       LSVC Beach Volleyball Camps – dates are still being worked out with our partner facility.  Once we have these details, they will be posted on our Beach page.

22nd – 26th          Indoor Volleyball Camp #1 at Garth Webb Secondary School for U14-U16 Girls.  Register Now!


6th – 9th                 Indoor Volleyball Camp #2 at Garth Webb Secondary School for U11-U13 Girls.  Register Now!

19th – 23rd             Indoor Volleyball Camp #3 at Garth Webb Secondary School for U14-U18 Girls.  This camp is our annual Tryout Tune-Up Camp.  Register Now!

Stand Up To Adversity from Parents

Posted:  February 21, 2019 by LSVC

In an excerpt from an article called "Keep the GREAT Coaches Coaching" published in JVA Online's latest newsletter, the JVA's Briana Schunzel, Director of Marketing, Education and Partner Relations, provides insight for coaches on how to navigate adversity from parents.

Each year, clubs and coaches around the Province/Country experience a number of adversities from parents, especially as we head towards the most exciting time of the year - Provincial Championships.

We recommend that coaches, parents and athletes take a look at the entire article, however, here is the excerpt on parents:

Stand Up to Adversity from Parents

It is important for the Club Director and Coach or Athletic Director and Coach to be on the same page and in agreement as far as coaching philosophy, culture, and conflict resolution.

"I was very fortunate in my 2nd high school position that our AD was very supportive. I invited him and he accepted to attend my pre-season parent/player meeting where we talked about playing time. This showed the parents that he supported my decisions from the get-go" shares JVA Executive Director Jenny Hahn of her experience coaching a high school team.

Many would argue that it is not the athletes who have changed, it is the parents. During a recent JVA Webinar: Create a Winning Culture of Un-Entitlement From the Club Level to College and into Life presented by Penn State Head Women's Coach Russ Rose and Munciana Co-Director Mike Lingenfelter, Mike made the point that the athletes are not much changed, it is the parents that have changed, and are instilling the sense of entitlement in their athletes

Russ and Mike go on to discuss how they make it a point to not allow a "problem parent" or "problem athlete" into their programs. It drives the culture down and is a headache for everyone involved. Oftentimes Club Directors and High School or College Athletic Directors will side with the parents in order to prevent negative word of mouth or complaints taken to the local papers. The parents may have some political leverage and unfortunately use it for selfish reasons. It is the administration's responsibility to try to resolve the conflict, or ultimately remove the negative parent that has not bought into the program's philosophy.

I am very honest and let everyone know immediately I am going to hold everyone accountable, starting with me" shares Lingenfelter. "Honesty and accountability have to be addressed early and often. I let everyone in our club know they are paying to train, not paying to play. Everyone gets equal training, but not equal playing time. People have trouble with that but that's life. And we address it openly and honestly."

The two coaches quoted in article are arguably a Top-3 ranked NCAA D1 Coach, and a Top-3 ranked U18 Club Coach respectively.…/jva-office-keep-great-coaches-coachi…

Spring Clinics are Back!!

Posted:  February 17, 2019 by LSVC

For the first time in 2019, LSVC is offering clinic sessions for ages 13/14 and 15/16.  These clinics will be geared towards athletes that have played competitive volleyball in the past and are looking to build upon a skill set as you lead up to Provincials and/or Nationals.

For more information, please visit the Clinics page by clicking here.

Stop the Madness:  A Jim Stone Article

Posted:  September 12, 2018 by Bear Davies

In Ontario, the High School season runs at the same time as club season. High School ball is largely recreational but the young players are still expected to attend pre-school sessions, post-school sessions, post-school games and then on same day attend club practice. Net result is they are worn out, levels drop and I have not experienced a season where our development has not been compromised because of the ever growing conflict.  The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA)  even manage to schedule their own high performance sessions/demands during the already overloaded schedule and, in addition, even advertise beach programs as well.
My belief is that any player taking the game seriously should not train for school ball on same day as Club ball, and not be expected to attend additional sessions set up by the OVA during the club/high school period.  How can such a demand support the long term athlete development?
Here is a article of concern regard this subject from U.S.A. Junior National team coach.  I wonder what he would make of the Ontario schedule?

Jim Stone:  Stop the madness and give young volleyball ...