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Stop the Madness:  A Jim Stone Article

Posted:  September 12, 2018 by Bear Davies

In Ontario, the High School season runs at the same time as club season. High School ball is largely recreational but the young players are still expected to attend pre-school sessions, post-school sessions, post-school games and then on same day attend club practice. Net result is they are worn out, levels drop and I have not experienced a season where our development has not been compromised because of the ever growing conflict.  The Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA)  even manage to schedule their own high performance sessions/demands during the already overloaded schedule and, in addition, even advertise beach programs as well.
My belief is that any player taking the game seriously should not train for school ball on same day as Club ball, and not be expected to attend additional sessions set up by the OVA during the club/high school period.  How can such a demand support the long term athlete development?
Here is a article of concern regard this subject from U.S.A. Junior National team coach.  I wonder what he would make of the Ontario schedule?

Jim Stone:  Stop the madness and give young volleyball ...