Youth Volleyball for Halton and Surrounding Regions

Parent Resources

LSVC Parent Resources 

Below are a number of resources available to assist parents in their support of their daughter and team throughout the course of the season.  We will update this resource list as we go, and are open to suggestion about what to post on this page in order to make things easier for parents to access.

OVA Scoresheet – How To Video

From Sask Volleyball but is the same format as OVA.  A great resource to get you familiar with score tracking.


Scoring Instructions

Score Sheet Presentation

Respect in Sport for Parents

All parents of OVA players must complete this course. It’s a one-time course for at least one parent per family.

Cost:  $12 (paid to the OVA)

One-time charge

Course is good for life and across all sports

Tournament Tracker – Live

Use this link to track the results of your tournament live in real time.

1.  Choose your tournament

2.  Follow the automatic updates

3.  Review final results and standings