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Updated:  September 2023

Below is a list of Lakeside’s projected teams for each age group for the upcoming 2023-24 OVA indoor season.

Note:  Coaching assignments may change depending on final team count per age group.  Teams that do not have a head coach assigned (“TBC”) will run if there is demand.  We will also not limit the number of teams at younger age groups provided that coaches are available to manage the team.  If you are interested in coaching a team (or assisting with a team), please contact us at info@lakesidevolleyball.ca.

wdt_ID Age Group (Girls) Team Name Head Coach Asst. Coaches
1 18U Upanga Steve Leoni Mike Pagani, Steve Kim
2 17U Isihlangu Bear Davies Leah Lowe-Davies, Ovi Cornea, Luis Mesia
3 16U Askari Steve Leoni Mike Pagani
4 16U Takoba Ishmael Kotey Steve Kim
5 15U Billao Vic Lewis Michael Tayag
6 15U Shujaa Mike Pagani Steve Leoni
7 15U Sjambok Miranda Robinson Ishmael Kotey
8 15U Walezi Leah Lowe-Davies Bear Davies
9 14U Inkemba Vic Lewis Amanda Fong, Ann Marie Lloyd
10 14U Nimcha Will Mousseau Taylor Bondoc
11 14U Kascara Ishmael Kotey Nicole Park, Maria Flores
12 14U Silaha Steve Kim Steve Leoni

* We offer competitive teams starting at 13/14U, however we welcome athletes as young as 10 years of age to try out and compete for a spot on one of our 13/14U teams if they are interested in playing rep volleyball.  We do not participate in OVA 6v6 (13U) tournaments due to how restrictive the rules are, but all of our 13/14U teams will compete in OVA TLS (14U) competitions throughout the season, as well as local friendly scrimmages and tournaments.

* Bear Davies will lead a weekly skills training session for all 13/14U teams for the 2023-24 season.

What you need to know about 13U (known as OVA’s 6v6 Division)…

  • All games are “fair play” which means that all kids get to play at least one set per match.  This is common practice for all 14U (TLS) and 15U Divisions, as well as 16U Trillium Division.
  • “Triple Ball” rules are mandatory for all OVA tournaments, including Ontario Championships.  This means that every game in every match is played as follows:
    • Team “A” serves the ball and the point is played out.
    • Regardless of which team wins the rally, a coach from team “A” throws the next ball in from the other side of the net to their team and that point is played out.
    • A coach from Team “B” then throws the next ball in to their team from the other side of the net and that point is played out.
    • Team “B” then serves the next ball and the point is played out, and so on…
  • The above scenario is played out for the entire 25-point set and repeats for every game in the match.

We feel that the two most important contacts that a young, new-to-the-game player needs are ultimately avoided when playing triple ball – serving and passing.  This is why we encourage all young kids to try out for our 13/14U teams and play 14U (TLS) instead of 6v6 as they will accelerate in their skill development by playing volleyball matches at 14U that resemble the true game of volleyball.


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