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Bear Davies
Club President and Head Coach

Years with the Club:  Founder (2010)
2021-22 Season:  Head Coach 13 Walezi, 14 Sjamboks, 15 Isihlangu

If you come to Lakeside and are willing to work hard and pay attention, you will develop your game. Lakeside is a teaching/learning environment where we pay attention to detail. With an Honours Degree in Human Movement and success coaching in Volleyball, Track & Field Women and Rugby Union, Bear has the knowledge and delivery to help athletes develop their game to good effect. Bear is a fully qualified Level 2 F.I.V.B. coach with a wide variety of coaching experience, including camps in the former USSR, Japanese University Teams and many others along the way.  As well, Bear achieved 32 Senior Caps for England and many Junior caps for which he was Captain.  He also attended the World Student Games in Zagreb and won many National League and Cup titles (player and coach) and played in Three Champions League competitions. However, he effectively ended his playing career at age 24 due to knee injury and has focused on coaching ever since.

In 2010 Bear founded Lakeside Volleyball Club and with a team of Trillium players, progressed from 78th at U16 to winning Div 1 Tier 1 at U18 without losing a match.  Only one player of this squad had ever won a medal at Premier level in the OVA.  Many of Lakeside’s players go on to play at University level, including NCAA Div 1, with the tools to compete immediately.

We now have players coming back from University helping with our program, this is a huge factor and will help build our steps forwards and support our experienced and detailed coaches who have been in our program for the past nine years (please check Bio’s below).

With a recent emphasis on developing from a younger age group, we now have a number of players developing both the technical skills and mental toughness to good effect and look to be right in the mix for the years ahead and beyond.

Steve Leoni
Club Director, Head Coach and Trainer

Years with the Club:  11 years
2021-22 Season:  Head Coach 14 Takobas, 17 Upangas 

As a member of Lakeside Volleyball Club for 11 years, Steve has shown his commitment to helping grow the game of volleyball for youth in the Halton Region.  Working with Bear Davies, Club President, and many others within the Club, Steve has championed a number of program initiatives over the last couple of years including the launch of the Beach Training program, the LSVC Academy and orchestrating Clinics and Camps throughout the year.  As Club Administrator, Steve also leads all Club communications, tournament hosting duties and website management to name a few.

Steve’s background in volleyball is highlighted by his tenure as a co-captain and member of the Lakehead University Mens Volleyball Team.  From the beginning of secondary school, Steve has been a setter and enjoys sharing the training, knowledge and experiences gained throughout his volleyball career with the current members of the volleyball club.  Looking forward, Steve would like to build upon his current NCCP training and continue to grow as a leader within the club and the sport.  Assisting in the expansion of the Club’s programs and teams is also a key focus for Steve.


NCCP Certified Development Coach
Registered Massage Therapist (CMTO)
Former Lakehead University Varsity Team Member

Victor Lewis
Program Development Coordinator and Head Coach

Years with the Club:  11 years
2021-22 Season:  Head Coach 15 Ngome, 16 Silahas

Vic has been a member of Lakeside since the Club's inception in 2010.  Undertaking numerous roles within the club as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, team rep and more, Vic has poured his heart and soul into teaching our youth all facets of the game, on and off of the court.  His support and loyalty to Lakeside is unmatched, and his passion to help our kids learn to love the sport is contagious.

When not in the gym with our various teams, Vic takes on a more progressive and analytical role for the club.  His efforts in developing new and innovative ways to raise awareness about our club programs and the OVA in general have and will continue to be a huge asset to the continued growth of Lakeside Volleyball in the Halton Region.


NCCP Trained Advanced Development Coach

Ishmael Kotey
Head Coach

Years with the Club:  5 years (1 year as a player)
2021-22 Season:  Head Coach 16 Kascara, 18 Shambulio

Ishmael is one of three alumnae that have returned to Lakeside to continue their growth within the club and the sport.

As a member of the 2012 18U Boys team, Ishmael anchored the middle blocker role for the squad and was an integral part of the success of our boys program during that year and for a number of years that followed.  During his post-secondary studies, Ish became a member of the Seneca College Men's Volleyball team, where he displayed his leadership qualities throughout his tenure and enjoyed many successes along the way with his crew.

As Ishmael's post-secondary career concluded, he made his way back to LVC and was welcomed with opened arms.  Over the course of the last three seasons, Ishmael has worked with almost every team and every coach within the club in one capacity or another.  His commitment to the players, the coaches and the club is unmatched.  Ish has become an integral part of Lakeside and we are grateful that he and other former players find the time to give back and pass along their knowledge and experience that they have accumulated over the years.


NCCP Trained Development Coach

Leah Lowe-Davies
Head Coach/Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  10 years (2 years as a player)
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach 13 Walezi, 14 Sjamboks, 15 Isihlangu

As a former member of Lakeside's most decorated team in club history, Leah traded in her playing gear and put on her coaching hat with the club in 2018.

A graduate of the University of King's College (Halifax) and a highly regarded member of their Women's Varsity Volleyball program for five seasons, Leah spent over seven consecutive season playing volleyball at the highest levels of amateur/collegiate sports.  In 2013, Leah was a key contributor to the 18U Aquila team taking home the Gold Medal and Provincial Championship - the first in Lakeside's history - setting the bar for all of the teams that have come after, inspiring many of our clubs young players along the way.

For the 2020-21 season, Leah will split her time between the 13U and 14U age groups, running and assisting with training and development along with leading the coaching duties for our 13 Walezi squad.


NCCP Trained Development Coach

Khaled Qishawi
Head Coach

Years with the Club:  3 years
2021-22 Season:  Head Coach 16 Shujaas

As a new member of the coaching staff for the 2019-20 season, Khaled enjoyed working with our 15U Inkemba squad in an Assistant Coach capacity.  Arriving to Lakeside fresh off a coaching stint from a rival club in Oakville, Khaled offered enthusiasm to contribute and high adaptability to the coaching program that we try to implement at LVC.

For the 2020-21 season, Khaled has taken on a Head Coaching role with our 15 Shujaas.  Comfortable in all aspects of training, empowering and instilling confidence in our young players, Khaled is looking forward to adding to his coaching repertoire over the course of the next few years as he completes his certification as an NCCP Volleyball Development Coach and fast-tracks his way through the Advanced Development Coach certification process before the season is complete.

We look forward to seeing Khaled group of young warriors solidify in the training gym and hopefully get the chance to display their skills on the hard court this season.

Mike Pagani
Club Liaison/Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  5 years
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach for 14 Takobas, 17 Upangas

The 2020-21 season will be Mike's fourth season with the Club.  Over Mike's four years he has become a valuable member of the staff, stepping in as the Club Liaison for parents and athletes to communicate anything club related that they would like to have voiced to the Executive Committee.

In addition to being the Liaison, Mike has also enjoyed being an Assistant Coach with the 16U Upanga squad, where he puts his NCCP Volleyball Development Coach training to work to help to assist both the players and the Head Coach in running drills and adding insight at each training session.

An avid Hockey and Soccer fan and ex-player, Mike will be completing his certification as an NCCP Volleyball Development Coach this season.

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Ovidiu Cornea
Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  3 years
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach 15 Isihlangu

Ovi joined Lakeside Volleyball Club in the fall of 2019 when his two daughters made the move from a local club to LVC.  Although new to coaching the game of volleyball at the club level, Ovi brings a wealth of experience with respect to performing in Elite Amateur Sports.

Ovi earned his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Sport from Bacau University in Romania (1998-2002).  In addition to earning his BA, Ovi became an Elite Rowing Athlete for Romania and was part of the Romanian National and Olympic Rowing Teams from 1995 through 2005.  He also became a Certified Rowing Coach in Romania once his amateur rowing days concluded.

Ovi is now in the process of getting his NCCP Volleyball Development Coach certification and we are ecstatic to have Ovi as one of our Club coaches.  His career as an Elite Rowing athlete is invaluable to our club as he is one of the few that can relay his knowledge and experiences of performing at the highest level of sport to our young athletes as they learn and grow with the game.


NCCP Development Coach in Training


Junior World Rowing Champion and Bronze Medal - 1998 Linz Austria
U23 World Rowing Champion - 1999 Hamburg Germany
Senior Bronze Medal - 1999 St Catherine Canada (Qualified for Sydney Olympics)
Senior World Rowing Champion - 2001
13th place at Summer Olympic Games - 2004 Athens

JJ Woodley
Co-Head Coach

Years with the Club:  3 years
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach 18 Shambulio

In his second season as part of the coaching staff, JJ has taken on a more prominent coaching role with the club's oldest team for the 2020-21 season.

As a Head Coach for the 15U Inkemba team in 2019-20, JJ took the season, and the lead coaching role, on as a challenge.  Fully engrossed in working towards his certification as an NCCP Volleyball Development Coach, JJ stepped up to the plate and took full responsibility for working with the Inkemba in his first true coaching experience in Volleyball.

Growing up an avid player of the game, JJ was ecstatic to have the opportunity to take on the challenge of running his own team, and by the end of the season, the girls made huge strides and became very competitive within their age group and division.  JJ is looking to bring the same commitment, passion and enthusiasm to every training session and game day this season for the 17U's.  We look forward to seeing how the Shambulio progress this season under JJ's wing.


NCCP Trained Development Coach

Amanda Fong
Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  4 years
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach 15 Ngome, 16 Silahas

Amanda joined the club in 2018 in an assistant coaching capacity at our younger age groups (14U, 15U).  Over the last three years, Amanda has become a fixture in the training gym, working closely with our young players to teach them the basic skills of the game and to help develop their confidence in the gym, on and off the court.

In 2020-21, Amanda spends her time in the 15 Silaha training.  Among other things, Amanda has taken on setter training duties with this team and works closely with this small group to assist them in understanding the intricacies of the position and how to run an offense.

Amanda also assists with other teams within the club whenever the opportunity arises.  Her commitment to team and club is unparalleled.


Nicole Park
Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  2 years
2021-22 Season:  Assistant Coach 16 Shujaas

Nicole joined the Club as an Assistant Coach with the 15 Shujaas in 2020.  Her experience as a setter throughout her elementary and high school years, along with playing in numerous adult beach and indoor leagues has provided some great learning and development opportunities for Nicole.

As a newbie to the coaching scene, Nicole brings her love and knowledge of the game into each training session and has been a great addition to a great group of Shujaa players.

Nicole looks forward to taking her first steps towards attaining her NCCP Development Coach certification this season.


William Mousseau
Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  7 years (1 year as a player)
2021-22 Season:  Training Coach 13-15U 

William has been with our club for eight years, joining the club in 2012 to play his final OVA season. An undersized middle, William did as much as he could to help his team compete every weekend. After finishing his final year, he turned his attention to coaching and education.  William spent three seasons with Lakeside as a full-time assistant coach for multiple teams. During that time, he showed a great ability to make positive connections with the girls, and has displayed an exemplary commitment to any team that he was a part of.

William's passion to develop, along with his determination, technical skill and confidence on and off the court are what has accelerated his development throughout many facets of volleyball and ultimately will continue to propel him forward within our Club and beyond.

Currently, William is studying full time at Brock University and has just been named one of the assistant coaches for the Brock Men’s Volleyball team. When school and his time as a Badger is complete, he is excited to return home to Lakeside and has his eyes focused on a pro coaching contract overseas.


NCCP Trained Development Coach
Lakeside Volleyball Club Alumni

Will Thrall
Assistant Coach

Years with the Club:  7 years (1 year as a player)
2021-22 Season:  Training Coach 13-15U

Will joined Lakeside in 2012 for his U18 season. Will went on to play for the McGill University Men's Volleyball Team for 5 years (captain for 3 years). Will's vocal leadership and defensive prowess allowed him to start on the team for 4 years as an outside hitter. During his time at McGill, Will earned a bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering and is currently pursuing his Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) license.

Will started coaching with Lakeside in the fall of 2016 and has helped train a number of teams over the years. Will is excited to help players develop their fundamental skills in a competitive environment.


NCCP Trained Development Coach
Lakeside Volleyball Club Alumni


Girls Youth Volleyball for the Region of Halton
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


Member of the Ontario Volleyball Association
Member of Volleyball Canada
Member of Junior Volleyball Association (USA)
Partner with NOVA Volleyball (Ontario)


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