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Posted: September 2020 (updated Feb 2024)
Indoor Season Refund Policy

All athletes whom sign/accept an offer to play for Lakeside Volleyball Club agree to pay the full fee prior to the start of team training (fee TBD based on final roster selection and gym availability).  Should an athlete decide to leave the club for any reason during the season, no refund will be granted.*

We calculate the cost of tournament entry fees, uniforms, gym rentals, coaching costs, equipment and administrative costs.  Once a player commits to a program or team, it is assumed that the player will complete the season.  If a player withdraws, we are unable to give a refund due to the financial burden that would be placed on the remaining members of the team. The money collected for fees has already been spent as described above.

* Should an athlete withdraw due to injury/illness prior to the first training session of the season, a meeting and discussion will be held between all involved parties to determine a course of action and any reasonable refund options upon receipt of a doctor’s note.  Once the first training session has taken place, no refunds will be granted.

Club Program Refund Policy (including Tryouts, Clinics, Camps, Open Training, Team Training, Grass, Beach and Academy)

Due to the nature of these programs, and the pre-planning that is involved in securing facilities to operate these programs, refunds will be handled in the following manner:

  • Withdrawal from the program at least three (4) weeks prior to the start of the program:  A full refund, minus a 20% administration fee, will be granted.
  • Withdrawal from the program between two to four (2-4) weeks prior to the start of the program:  50% of the total fee collected will be refunded.
  • Withdrawal from the program with one (1) week or less before the program starts, or once the program has started:  no refund will be granted. we will not be able to fill a void from a player leaving once the program has started.

Should an athlete withdraw from a program due to injury/illness prior to the first program session, a refund, minus a 20% administration fee, will be granted with a note from a physician.  Once the program has started, we cannot offer any refund.

Lockdown or Program Disruption Due To COVID-19

We understand that there is risk in signing up and paying for programs for your kids during these uncertain times.  With this in mind, Lakeside has put in place the following procedures in the case that a program is affected by a Provincial, Region or Municipal lockdown or disruption in activities due to matter related to COVID-19:

  • In the event that a program cannot start and has to be cancelled, a complete refund will be provided to all paid registrants.  Should a program be delayed for a short period of time (two weeks or less), we will adjust the schedule and program accordingly and continue to run the program in full without issuing refunds.
  • In the event that a program has started but is shut down part way through the program with no chance of a restart in reasonable time, a pro-rated refund will be issued to each paid registrant based on the number of sessions remaining in the program.  Should there be a possibility that the program can restart after only a short delay (two weeks or less), we will adjust the schedule and program accordingly and continue to run the program in full without issuing refunds.
  • In the event that a program requires to be shut down with only two or less sessions remaining, we will issue a pro-rated credit to all paid registrants to use on future Lakeside Volleyball Club programming (ie. club/team training, clinics, Academy, open gym, etc.)

Refunds will not be issued to individuals that are required to miss any part of a program due to matters surrounding COVID-19, including not being fully vaccinated, having to isolate due to potential exposure or after returning from a recent trip, contracting COVID-19, or any other COVID-19 related matter.

Credit Card Payments

When payment by credit card is available for a program (not applicable to all programs), should a participant withdraw from a program and be eligible for a refund, based on the criteria outlined above, any extra fees that are applied to credit card payments (ie. processing fees, transaction fees, etc.) will not be included as part of the calculation of eligible refund.  Those fees are paid out at the time of initial transaction to our financial/transaction provider and therefore will be removed from the fee paid for a program.


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