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We value your support and commitment to Lakeside and the programs that we offer.  As a thank you, we would like to offer everyone an incentive to help grow our club by rolling out the following referral program:

Refer Three, Get One Month Free

Bring three friends into one of our training programs and you will receive one month of free training (your choice of June, July or August training sessions).  Total savings of $200 (8 sessions).

Refer Five, The Summer Is Free

Send five friends our way and you will get to participate in one of our training programs for the entire summer at no cost June, July and August).  Total savings of $500 (24 sessions).

Terms and Conditions:
  • In order for each referral to qualify, the participant must be paid in full prior to the start of their selected training program, and must participate in at least one session.
  • Should a referred participant decide to withdraw from the program prior to its start, the referral will not count towards the total referral count (as per our Refund Policy, participants that withdraw from a program prior to the first session are eligible for a partial refund and therefore would not count as a full referral.  Please view our Refund Policy for further details).
  • If a referred participant decides to withdraw from a program once the program has started, you will still get credit for the referral.
  • A participant that hits their incentive/referral target but decides to withdraw from a program at any time will not qualify for any financial compensation from Lakeside Volleyball Club for leaving the program.
  • All referrals will count to towards your referral total.  This includes the Academy, any training program (13-18U) and the 6v6 league.
  • Should one of the programs not run for any reason (including but not limited to Provincial health restrictions or low athlete registration), the referral will not count towards your total.  Should a program start but get shut down for any of the aforementioned reasons, your referral will still count towards your total.
  • A participant only counts as ONE referral, regardless of how many programs they register for.  For example, if Joy Smith registers for June Academy, July 6v6 League and August 13/14U training, you will only get credit for one referral.
  • NOTE:  Every referral after your initial five (5) will count towards other incentives/rewards including Lakeside Swag, discounts on future training programs (indoor/outdoor) or discounts on annual fees should you tryout and compete on a Lakeside team in the future.


  • Have your friend/referral complete the registration process for their selected program.
  • When completing the registration, ENSURE that they put your full name in the “How did you hear about us” section of the registration form
  • Once your referral pays their fee, you will receive your referral credit.
  • You will receive notice from us once you hit three (3) referrals and again when you hit five (5) referrals.

Thanks to all for your support in helping grow our Summer Training program.  We look forward to another successful Summer outside on the grass!


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