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Lakeside Volleyball Club has seen its largest growth in membership over the past 12 months.  This growth was due to a number of factors, however the biggest reason for the expansion of our club is from the number of programs we now offer to all age groups.

If you are thinking about joining one of LVC’s programs this coming summer, please take a quick look at the descriptions of each program below to get a better sense of what you can expect from each program and what we will expect of the athletes as well.

ACADEMY (Ages 9 – 13)

Our Academy program is now in its fourth year and the program continues to expand its breadth and depth.  The Academy is designed for kids that are either new to the game of volleyball and have never played before, have played casually with friends in a back yard or local park, have joined an elementary school volleyball team but don’t really know too much about the game and it’s rules, or for kids that have been involved in learning the fundamentals of the game previously but need some extra work with the basics in order to move on to a more competitive environment.  There is something for every kid to learn in our Academy, regardless of what you have learned previously with other clubs or within our club as well.

Expectations of the Kids:  This is the perfect spot for those wanting to learn the proper techniques of communication, movement, footwork, body position and control, ball handling, serving, passing and volleying.  There are elements of offence and defence that are also explored in the Academy program (hitting approach, setting the ball, hitting the ball) but this is not a primary focus of the Academy program.  We want the kids to have fun while learning the game the proper way, starting with creating a foundation to build upon.


LVC started offering open training on grass courts in the summer of 2020.  These open sessions offered kids from 14U – 18U an opportunity to get back into training and playing volleyball after their indoor season was cut short due to the pandemic.  During these 60-minute sessions, athletes participated in warmup drills, team drills, skill development techniques in all aspects of the game, individual and team competitions and much more.  We are doing it all again this summer!

Expectations of the Athlete:  These training sessions are well suited for:

  • 14-15U (13 – 14 years old):  Kids that have previously participated in our Academy program and are ready to take the step to a more competitive environment, or kids that have played competitive volleyball with other clubs and have a good grasp of volleyball concepts and can demonstrate the appropriate skills.  * Note – If the fundamentals of the game are still a challenge (ie. struggling to consistently make a serve over the net from close to or behind the end line, throwing/catching the ball when volleying, rarely passing the ball to a target, etc.), then the Academy program is still the best program for the player to continue their learning.
  • 16-18U (15 – 17 years old):  Athletes that want to keep up with structured training throughout the summer months to stay fit, work on certain aspects of the game that are a challenge, and continue to learn in a positive, friendly, yet competitive environment.  All roads lead back to OVA tryouts in September, so this is a great forum to keep you moving forward.

If you have any questions about any of the information above, or are unsure of where your child/you should pursue a program with Lakeside Volleyball Club, please reach out to use at info@lakesidevb.com.  We will be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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