May 6, 2024

Below are a few tidbits of information for you to consider as you weigh your options for the upcoming Rep volleyball season:

  • Lakeside Volleyball Club (LVC) is one of three youth volleyball clubs in Oakville, ON.  We have been an OVA member club since 2010 and have had more success in Division 1, Tier 1 OVA competition than our local competing clubs.
  • LVC is led by Bear Davies, whom has played and coached volleyball at the highest levels for over four decades.  Bear is FIVB Level II Certified, which is a globally recognized coaching certification.  His attention to detail with regards to teaching core skills and fundamentals of the game is unmatched in our region.
  • When considering annual fees for participating in rep volleyball, please keep in mind that not all programs are equal.  Coaching and club philosophies vary greatly from club to club which presents a challenge for many to place a dollar value on.  LVC annual fees are competitive with those of our neighbours however where we excel is in our instruction and training.  All of our coaches follow LVC philosophies in their approach to teaching our players.
  • Tournament Participation:  All of our teams participate in all available OVA-sanctioned events throughout each season, including Ontario Championships.  We are a member club of both the JVA and AAU in the US and try to attend at least 1-2 US tournaments each season when possible.  We also encourage each of our coaches to take teams to local friendly tournaments when the schedule permits to get as much game time exposure as possible.  Although there is a lot of hype surrounding Volleyball Canada’s National tournament in May each season, LVC is not a huge proponent of attending Nationals for a couple of reasons:
      • The event is almost always held in Alberta for 15-18U, and is generally a watered-down version of the Ontario Championships where most of the quality teams are from Ontario and end up playing each other on days 2 and 3 of the event.  For 14U and under, Nationals are split up into three separate events based on geography and therefore are not a true “Nationals”.
      • There are a number of JVA/AAU events in May that are a 4-5 hour drive from Oakville that are just as big (if not bigger) than Nationals and the level of competition is not only better, but is also different than what we see in Canada.  For example, we have attended the Can-Am in Detroit for many years which is a three day event, has 96 courts and 600 teams throughout all age groups.  For a quarter of the cost to families, the overall outcome is very positive and teams tend to enjoy the competition and fanfare of this event as much as, or more than, Nationals.
      • Typically, we will only consider bringing a team to Canadian Nationals if they are guaranteed a Division 1 placement at the event.  This means that the team must finish in the top 10 in Ontario (Division 1 Tier 1).  If this is not achieved, it makes much more sense to attend a tournament in the US to wrap the season than attend Nationals in a lower division.
      • Our teams WILL attend Nationals if they are held in Toronto, ON.  This typically happens once every 10-15 years.

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • June 1:  Clubs can re-sign their own players.  Deadline to re-sign:  June 21, 2024.  Clubs must submit their re-signed player list to the OVA by June 30, 2024.
  • July 1 – Aug 31:  NEW Open Commitment Period – clubs can unofficially recruit and “sign” players for the upcoming season for 14U(TLS) – 18U.  Players will not sign an official OVA contract until the tryout period in September, but can sign a club contract and submit a deposit to their new club to secure their spot.
  • Sep 6:  Tryouts begin for the OVA indoor season, and players can officially commit to a new club via an OVA Offer Form.
  • Sep 16-19:  Offer Forms presented to players on or after September 6, 2024 expire on the following dates:
    • Sep 16 – Offer Forms expire for 18U and 14U(TLS) players
    • Sep 17 – Offers Forms expire for 17U and 15U players
    • Sep 18 – Offers Forms expire for 16U players
    • Sep 19 – Offer Forms expire for 6v6 and 4v4 players

If you have any questions about our Rep program, or would like more information about the upcoming season, please contact us at info@lakesidevb.com.  We would be happy to answer any questions we can at this time.


Girls Youth Volleyball for the Region of Halton
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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